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  1. Dear Ms. Fernando:
    I absolutely enjoy your style of writing, your stories are highly entertaining and your heroes are enigmatic. I am currently reading Knuckle Down and similar to other writers the mention of placing mobile telephones in bras makes me as a woman and mother of young adults very concerned. Many ladies are practicing this act unaware of the medical concerns associated to this practice. Your sentence ““I start patting myself down for my phone, which I sometimes tuck into my bra”.

    It is well documented that carrying a cell phone on your body (i.e. pocket or tucked in a bra) puts you at risk from harmful mobile phone radiation leading to infertility and a higher incidence of birth defects.

    For women especially, carrying a mobile phone in the bra or bra strap has been linked with the development of breast cancer. My highly ranked Mammography Centre has a largely displayed advisement cautioning women on the hazards of carrying a mobile device in a brassiere, undergarment or close to the skin.

    The World Health Organization has classified mobile phones (and any wireless devices that use microwaves to communicate) as a group 2B risk − which means that they are “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” Many experts believe evidence is already strong enough to classify mobile phones as definite cancer causers.

    Similar to other industries such as tobacco and asbestos, the wireless phone companies are campaigning hard to keep mobile phones from being classified as known carcinogens.

    Please advocate in your books for the following guidelines and measures adapted from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) for safer cell phone use: PLEASE do not store your phone in your pocket (or under your pillow). Thank you for spreading the word that can save lives.

  2. Margaret Richard

    Will you have a audible copy of Time And Time Again I am vision impaired and cannot see well enough to read. I love your book and would love to be able to listen to all of them. Please let me know. Thank you

  3. Did Tracker and Lana have any children?

  4. Hi I really liked Tracker and Lana’s story.
    Did they have any children?

  5. I love all your books can’t wait for news releases

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